Crested Butte Hot Lap

Crested Butte… what a trip. Got away for a few days mid-week to get away from the city, the pandemic, the everything. It was good for the head and heart.

This is my sister-in-law-to-be taking a picture of me and my gal on the road part of our 28-mile epic ride. Deer Creek in CB, for those in the knows.

Being poseurs amongst the larkspur and lupine.

Climbing through the aspens on Deer Creek trail.

Same aspen stand? Who even knows, my head was shot from the hangover and the elevation.

Skunk cabbage!

Nearly topped out at 11k, in a field of the skunk cabbage.

Ugh. The worst.

Ze top, looking back down on Crested Butte.

Lots of fun descents on this ride, though nothing sustained.

Bike acting.

Moar bike acting.

Now you’re just showing off…

She was sucking from my hose.

Gothic Mountain is so striking. Shaina leads us out.

…and I follow.

Back at camp after a long day in the saddle. Yoga plus doggos equals happiness.

Sushi burgers becoming what they are.

Sister-in-law-to-be cooking up the goods.

The camp spot, not too shabby.

This dog died here.



Happy girl!


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