The Older I Get, The Faster I was.

I moved to Colorado in 1998 specifically to mountain bike and snowboard. Sure, I may have told my parents the move was “for school”, but after getting that distraction out of the way I started enthusiastically exploring Colorado. My focus in the summer is riding mountain bikes on as many new trails as I can find. I have a bit of a background in racing downhill mountain bikes, so I’m one of those “gets up to get down” kind of riders i.e. you’ll probably wait for me on the climbs. Winter is filled primarily with skiing, having switched from snowboarding in 2009. In 2023 I realized a goal of finally getting 50 days on snow in a single season with a mix of resort and backcountry days. Just in time to turn 50 years old… pFew.

I’ve done stints in the non-profit, cycling, and freelance worlds over the years. My roles have ranged from managing the donor and member database for the International Mountain Bicycling Association, to a volunteer board position with the Colorado Mountain Bike Association, to working with small businesses and startups as a freelancer, to helping run a junior developmental mountain bike race program. I have been truly blessed by meeting and working with loads of amazing, driven people and been given the opportunity to marry my personal passions with my work.

My wife and I moved to a small town in central Colorado in the summer of 2021, and we’re loving the slower pace of small town living vs. the big city. If you’re looking for a few trail and/or beer recommendations in the Salida area you can find my suggestions here.

These days, in between mountain biking or skiing I can also be found hiking, camping, going on van trips, floating the river in an inflatable kayak, road/gravel cycling, sampling or brewing tasty craft beer, working on a 1970 VW desert race car, hanging out with my wife and our two chihuahuas affectionately known as The Cartel™, and occasionally utilizing that pesky college degree and subsequent bootcamp certificate as a user experience designer for a super rad company in the extremely niche industry of broadcast advertising.

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