47 for 47

Kinda weird not being in Moab for my birthday, as has been tradition for so many years. But instead of crying over spilled milk or rampant viral pandemics as it were, I decided to make lemonades and do all the things I like doing on my birthday. Celebrated by eating my favorite breakfast and going on a huge bike ride from my house. I don’t have a lot of words for this post, and most of the pictures are of my bike next to a trail sign, but nonetheless it was an awesome day!

Sweet potato hash with fried eggs and avocado, served on corn tortillas. So good!
Shaina and I on the patio before setting out for the day. She’d join me for the North Table Mountain portion of my birthday ride, then head home.
As we were leaving, we found a care package out back!
It wasn’t signed, but I had a good idea who dropped this stuff off from the language. Thanks, Ian!

PS – I didn’t fail!
On our way to NTM, we saw a train. I dunno, just thought it was cool. Also, the clouds were neat.
The first of many pictures of my bike leaning against a trail or park sign.
Climbing up NTM with My Love!
The clouds were spectacular on the day.
Yeah so… yeah. Talked Shaina into sitting down with me for a bit and contemplating life for a minute before we split up for the day. We talked about how we’ve had a pretty rough year, starting last July, and really there’s no one either of us would want to deal with it, with. So, I got down on a bended knee and asked her if she wanted to get hitched.

(She said yes.)
After the proposal, I headed out to White Ranch to climb Belcher (ugh) and descned Longhorn (Yes!)
Almost to Longhorn…
Alright alright, it’s all downhill from here (until the next climb!)
The Gates of Insanity!
Biggest climb of the day, starts now.
Wee waterfall from spring runoff.
Approaching the first road crossing (1/3 of the way up) to meet Ian.

Photo credit: Ian
Windy Saddle, 2/3 of the way to the top. Above this, we’d get rain/snow/sleeted on.

Photo credit: Ian
Make it stop!

Photo credit: Ian
Shelled, and just over halfway done with the ride. At least the BIG climbs were over, but some of the most technical riding was ahead of me.

Photo credit: Ian
Cheers buddy, glad you could make the climb up Chimney with me!
John lives at the top of Lookout Mountain, and therefore the top of Chimney Gulch trail. Him and Peaty came out to throw rocks at me and say Happy Birthday.
Top of Apex, not feeling great but ready to go for a rip. Even though it was an even day, I chose to descend The Gut and not Enchanted Forest. First, Enchanted still had a fair amount of snow in it, and second I didn’t wanna deal with the two short punchy climbs in there. At least, not ~30 miles and ~5500′ vert into the day.
With Apex ticked off, I climbed up Heritage Road to Dakota Ridge. Bastard of a climb to start, made even better with a headwind on the day.
Dakota behind me, which went better than expected given how whooped I was feeling. Dakota is definitely eh most technically demanding trail I rode on the day. With that over, I slogged (and I mean slogged) up through Red Rocks/Mathews Winters.
This one is for Ian, who turns 40 this year. Taken at the bottom of Wrigley’s Ridge. Less than 10 miles to go!
Last descent of the day, Ancient Palms on STM. Right near the house, and a fun, fast, little rip home.
Gah! Home! Done did it!
Tired legs.
Super delicious beers (Thanks, Ian!) with My Love, now my financée!

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