Revisited Wheeler Trail to Miner’s Creek in Breck a few weeks back, as part of a big ol’ group ride put together by Will who started the Go4Graham Foundation, a non-profit working to raise awareness, fight stigmas, and break the silence surrounding mental health and depression. Good group of folks, and a bunch of strong riders on the day. What this ride lacks in mileage it more than makes up for in HAB, views, and just plain difficulty, really. At least, I think so. YMMV.

About half the crew, somewhere on Peak 9 road getting ready to climb.

Wheeler Trail makes it’s way towards Wheeler Pass in the high alpine.

Dramatic backlighting is dramatic.

Less drama.


Has the pushing started yet? For some folks off the front… yes.

There. Go there.

Dropping in the west side of Wheeler Pass towards Copper Mountain. Destination: Miner’s Creek Trail.

Back on the east side of the 10 Mile Range, after hitting the Miner’s Crest. Lots of sketchy switchbacks preceded this moderately “tame” section.

Making our way down Miner’s Creek, we passed through a burn area that wasn’t there last time I rode this. Surreal.

Miner’s Creek Trail is filled with rocks on rocks on rocks. Add a bunch of speed to that, and you get some pure, unadulterated, smashing fun. Well, fun if you’re into that kind of thing… which I am. Afterwards we connected to the Peaks trail and rode back into Breck…

…a mighty fine ride indeed.

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