Gold Coin Highway

Oh man, I’ve been ignoring this blog for a while now… but don’t you worry I’m still getting HIGH, man.

I have a few other rides to back-post, but figured I’d chuck this high-country classic in the mix to add a little fall color to the blog. A little Kenosha Pass out-n-back with my favorite lady, followed by posting up on the side of 285 for a post-ride beverage.


I believe this was the ride where I quite literally was “smacked in the face” by nature’s beauty… a falling leaf strike me right between the eyes!

After the ride we set our camp chairs up on the side of the road and enjoyed some of Buena Vista’s finest. It was unreal how many people were peeping that weekend, but everyone was nice and the ride was great. Just gotta slow it down and take in the views.

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