Motorboating Wildflowers – Molas Pass to Cascade Creek

The Colorado Trail from Molas Pass to Cascade Creek is not to trifled with… it can be a big day at high altitude but the rewards are well worth it. The Yeti Tribe Gathering descended on this ride in mid-July of 2014, and the wildflowers and skunk cabbage were so high you could motorboat them as you rode past. Amazing views for 360 degrees and miles and miles of distance. A lot of stout climbing over the whole ride but the Rolling Pass and Graysill descents are the sort of sublime delicious nature you only get in the high alpine. The few pictures I took do not give this landscape or this ride the recognition it deserves.

This, except everywhere:

My friend near Rolling Pass, not getting enough calories fast enough:

Spirit of the Yeti, captured nearly perfectly:

Happy girl:

This dude won the day, it was his 3rd mountain bike ride ever and he smiled for the entire 25 miles and 4,000 vertical feet we did:

Winning dude looking down valley from near the top of Rolling Pass:

That’s my bike, in it’s happy place:

My compatriots at the bottom of the first descent:

After these were taken, there was another 1,000 feet to climb and some of the gnarliest, twistiest, rockiest descending this side of anywhere. Then an up and down meander along the creek to the exit. So good. If I get more images from my two riding partners I’ll post those as well…

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