Just another Thursday night ride…

A few years ago I saw a post on a Colorado mountain bike forum from a fella trying to get together a weekly Thursday night ride in the winter. I had recently be re-introduced to night riding, was in need of a crew to pedal with, and decided to show up. Since that first night on Green Mountain, our local hill, I’ve had the pleasure of riding miles of trail, introducing newbies to night riding, making some amazing friends, participating in a more than a few ridiculous rides, and quaffing many beers by moonlight at the top of a hill in the dead of winter.

Our original meeting spot was a dark parking lot near one of the trail heads of Green Mountain, but reports of break-ins were high and we were nervous about leaving anything in our vehicles while we rode. I knew of a small brewpub with a tasty IPA just on the other side of the hill, near a different trailhead. A lighted, highly trafficked parking lot, and the allure of post-ride beer and food made the location an easy sell. Not long after, it was suggested that we needed a name for our weekly meet-up. The acronym “Today Is Thursday, Sweet!” was thrown out and the T.I.T.S. Crew was born. Each week a member comes up with a different phrase, posts the location of the ride, and we go from there. You see, the ride does happen in other spots, and on other trails, besides Green Mountain. But come fall when the days get shorter, the convenience of the late curfew always lures us back to our home, to Green Mountain.

What follows is a quick picture tutorial of “Just another Thursday night ride” on our local hill. It’s not uncommon for us to click off 15-20 miles on a Thursday night, bathed in the glow of a starry sky and overlooking the twinkling lights of Denver. Cheers to you, Green Mountain. The T.I.T.S. Crew salutes you.

Evan parking lot finger

Lubes Finger

Evan Finger Traverse

Mike Traverse Awesome Sky

TITS Crew at the top

All photos by gsutley

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