Night Skiing

Yesterday, right after work we met up with some friends and carpooled up to Loveland to get a little skinning practice, exercise, and skiing in. Snow was falling (win!), coverage was the best I’ve seen it yet (win!), and it was actually kind of deep in some areas near the top (win!). Despite the fact that it was snowing, it was fairly warm (WIN!). I can pretty much say I wasn’t cold (win!) and definitely didn’t complain about being cold the whole night (win! especially for Evan).

The skin up seemed to take no time at all. Evan and I were both feeling a bit tired, but I think we both felt way stronger than when we skinned last weekend.

evan skinning at loveland

I was pumped to transition quickly without taking my skis off and to be warm still!

steph skinning at loveland

The ski down was way too short, but was by far the best snow I have skied since opening day at Wolf Creek. If only there was a beer waiting for us at the bottom, or the Rat was open.

Last night’s adventure got me super stoked for the weekend. It should be a darn good ski weekend! Especially Sunday.

It seems like the snow gods, Mother Nature, Old Man Winter, Ullr, who the heck ever you believe in is back on our side. Go get some pow, friends.

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