Man, I miss Moab.

This was the first year I’ve lived Out West™ that I didn’t make at least one trip* out to Moab. IDGAF how busy it’s gotten, that place has some magic in it… and not just the mushrooms. So many fond and amazing memories.

Night riding Amasa Back in February, deep frying a turkey at camp on Thanksgiving, plowing through snow on Koko in late April, getting the last run on Burro Down before a winter storm shut it down in late October, riding Porc Rim on my birthday more years than not, taking a week over Christmas there just riding low elevation jeep roads, spending time trying to find and ride the “classic” old school routes, dirtbiking in January, waiting out the morning drizzle in a clammy hotel room in mid-Nov to get the “hero sand” conditions, doing a 3-day supported “luxury ride” of the White Rim, remembering the first time riding Portal after riding Gemini Bridges Road (pre-Mag7) and Blue Dot, taking my fiancée down WE for the first time ever, or just that first time riding Porc or Slickrock or Sovereign or-or-or…

I only have photos on my computer going back to 2017 at the moment, I’m sure there are plenty more in the archives if I were to go digging.

Riding the Portal chunder, pretty sure this was the 2nd or 3rd ride on this bike, and I went ass-over-teakettle shortly after this pic was taken. Bike went careening down the rocks. Dog bless crabon.

Not uncommon out in the desert…

Not sure what the hell I was talking to Tony about, but it seems important.

Ah yes, the first year we had the truck camper. That started changing things for our Moab trips, but not that much. Joe and Kristen stopped in to do like “just one or two rides with us” and ended up staying for four days.

Been wanting to get out on the White Rim for years, finally made it happen. Probably warrants it’s own post, but here’s a few pictures from that trip…

White Rim camping is off the chain, yo.

We feasted like royalty.

Dem viewz tho.

For days.

Day before the birthday Porcy ride. Started snowy, ended in glory.



Y’all can hate if you want. I wanna go back. Just, you know… maybe not on a weekend. 😀

*Maybe I should say “Haven’t yet made at least one trip out there” because hey, it could go in November. Our schmancy van has a heater.

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