The Unexpected Adventure :: Hidden Valley > Moab Rim > Pipe Dream

Rode a ride that we intended to be a nice and easy “from the house” sort of affair which quickly turned into something a little longer, and way moar funner. Hiked bikes up a trail called Hidden Valley which takes you up to (gasp!) a hidden valley just below Moab Rim, then over to Moab Rim jeep trail, down that, around Kane Creek Road to the north end of Pipe Dream, back to where we’re staying. Many adventure. Interesting terrain. Tired legs. And a fella who decided to drop his ATV off a 100′ cliff. Some pictures forthwith.

Hidden Valley, aptly named:

Mike on Hidden Valley with La Sals in the background:

Me up on Hidden Valley:

Mike (yeah that Mike) also on Hidden Valley:

Moab Rim might be “just a jeep trail” but I was keen on exploring it a bit since I hadn’t been on it since they stopped doing DH races down it over 10 years ago. Mike on a section above the old DH course:

Mike on Moab Rim Jeep Trail:

Plenty of cool rocks and ledges to play around on. Me tackling a bit of the old DH track:

Good times were had by all:

Funny how the camera gets put away once the crew starts getting a bit tired. We didn’t have a lot of daylight left for this adventure by the time we got to Pipe Dream, and that’s a slower-going techy trail running under the Moab Rim just on the edge of town. But we got it done, back safe at the house we’re staying in before night fall. Not sure if it qualifies as “epic” by the standards set forth in this thread but it sure was fun.

I’ll see if I can get Mike to send me the picture of the crumpled ATV.

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