Do you like to get HIGH, man?

Yeah, man… I like to get HIGH… so here’s a trip report chock full-on with a bit of high country riding STOKE. After all… the Dude abides. These are from America’s Birthday 2013: and the ride was the Colorado Trail from Copper to Kokomo Pass as an out-n-back. Distance was 25-1/2 miles round trip with ~5K of climbing and descending, a stout ride for sure. We had a crew of 8 strong, most of whom Steph and I hadn’t ridden with before. Everyone turned out to be super nice, and solid riders all around. I’ll let the pictures speak for theyselves…

About halfway up Guller Creek, Chuck pointing the way in front of Steph:

Aaron in the foreground, riding on a bit of amazing singletrack:

Just popped above treeline, and things are starting to get real high:

We only had a few snow fields to cross, this one is just shy of Searle Pass by a few hundred yards:

Steph and I (and a marmot) on top of Searle Pass at 12,027′. I’m in the flannel:

Setting off for Kokomo Pass. My buddy Aaron and I were the only two of our 8-person group to mission over to Kokomo Pass and back:

Mission accomplished at 12,027′. Now to get back…

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