Toasting In The Shortweek! T.I.T.S. Ride

Yesterday was Thursday and for us that means it was T.I.T.S. ride night! I haven’t been out with this group in quite a while, so I was pumped to ride. We rode from Ironworks, of course, and then hit up Green Mountain.

Evan and I didn’t bring lights so our ride was a bit shorter than everyone else’s but it was super fun.

I was pumped to be climbing strong and generally riding really well. It was an absolutely gorgeous night and Green Mountain had tons of bright wildflowers in bloom. We rarely ride Green Mountain in the summer or in the daytime so it was a bit of a surprise how pretty it was up there.

After climb numero dos up two towers, we stopped for a snack and most had a beer. I carried the beer all the way up there, but I didn’t drink mine. Made for a nice photo though thanks to Evan’s creative eye.

My Garmin died part way through the ride, but here is our route from Evan’s Strava. We and I covered a little over 13.5 miles and climbed 2,160 feet in about an hour and a half. I route was up Rooney (I think), Summit Loop, Jeremy’s, Two Towers, and then down something that brought us back to the parking lot. Somehow I still don’t know any trail names or how to find my way around on Green Mountain.

T.I.T.S. Route 05/31/12

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