“It’s all totally rideable, bro.” – A high country adventure

Yeah, so kind of at the last minute I joined Mike, Aaron, Andy and Shane for a little jaunt through Colorado’s high country. I’ve heard for a long while that Mike has a’likin’ for some SRSLY big-ass death-march hike-a-bike style high country rides and have wanted to join him on one for a while now, but the schedules never really aligned. Good thing I quit my job, now I’m a little moar flexy to partake in such endeavors.

Our adventure started off Guanella Pass and followed Trail 600 all the way past Bruno Gulch to Burning Bear (Trail 601). We covered close to 23 miles, many of which were spent above 10K, and included 4,500′ of elevation gain over 4 climbs. That also means we got 4 DESCENTS, netting us about 6,500′ of elevation loss… gotta love a Colorado shuttle ride! At any rate, I was fixin’ to write up a moar fuller ride report, then I saw this write-up from Shane on Ridemonkey and figured it was about right. It’s a collection of photos that describe, quite accurately, every moment of the ride.


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